Topshop Sixties Lace Shift Dress

P1040604 I first tried on the cream version of this dress in Topshop.  I really liked the length on me (I am 5’ 4’’). It sat well above the knee but wasn’t too short, and was a good fit. The dress was really comfortable and easy to walk around in. However, as this was for my school prom, I wasn’t sure about wearing cream, so I ordered the mint green colour from the Topshop website. At £48, I thought the price was okay for a special event, if a little high.

When the dress arrived, I thought the colour was great and the fit was perfect.

During the evening itself, I had no problems at all and I got loads of compliments about the colour, how it suited me, etc. And it still looked okay when I got home at 3am the following morning.

The only thing I didn’t realise was that it’s dry clean only so that’s a bit annoying.

Verdict: a good fitting, dress to wear to a party, wedding or smart event.

Buy it here.


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