The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison

The Silent Wife

The Silent Wife
by A.S.A. Harrison

The Silent Wife takes us through the breakdown of the 20-year relationship between fortysomethings Jodi and Todd, when the latter finally realises that he can no longer sustain two relationships now that his young, college-student girlfriend is expecting his child.

To the reader, the life shared by long-term partners, Jodi and Todd is dull, very dull. She is the perfect partner, a trained psychotherapist, who manages the house beautifully for Todd. He is a bit more rough and ready but happy to be ‘managed’ by Jodi. Both are in denial that anything could come between the rock-solid life they’ve built together. Jodi mutely accepts that he has affairs and Todd is quick to point out to himself that ‘loving one more doesn’t mean loving another less’. Even when Jodi finds out that Todd has been sleeping with the daughter of his best school friend, she refuses to accept it, somehow blaming the whole situation on the young girl herself. It’s only when Todd can no longer wriggle out of impending fatherhood and tells Jodi that he is leaving her to move in with the pregnant Natasha, that she has to face up to reality.

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Guilt by Jussi Adler-Olsen

GuiltGuilt: Department Q4
by Jussi Adler-Olsen

In this fourth instalment of Adler-Olsen’s Department Q series, Detective Inspector Carl Morck and his side-kick Assad are thrown into a cold case involving a string of missing persons who, they soon work out, share a connection: the eerie island of Sprogo where until the 1960s young wayward girls were sent for correctional purposes. Here, forced abortions and sterilisations were carried out so that the girls’ future offspring couldn’t tarnish Danish society.

Adler-Olsen skilfully interweaves this main plot with the on-going sub-plot of the part played by Carl Morck in the ambush and shooting of two of his colleagues. This was first introduced in book number one and is covered in all four of the Department Q novels. The plot thickens as evidence appears to implicate Carl and we realise that someone is trying to frame him for the shootings. This additional storyline adds another layer to the book and makes it a lot meatier than a normal one-story whodunit. However, the disadvantage is that if you are new to this series, you will have to start with book one (Mercy) or else you will be totally confused and will miss out on the background.

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Broderie Panel Tee

Topshop broderie panel tee It was my 18th birthday on Sunday and I received some lovely presents, including this tee from Topshop. I wore it out for lunch with a pair of skinny jeans and, apart from the worry of spilling sauce down the front, it was really comfortable and easy to wear. It’s the sort of top that can be worn dressed up or down, and I think it would suit all ages. My mum has already got her eye on it. Luckily she’s a size bigger than me!

I love the broderie detail and the stylish zip. It’s a bit creased in the images as I’ve only just taken it out of the wrapping. Hopefully it will wash and dry easily.

Price: £38.00
Colour: WHITE
Item code: 13E42FWHT
Short sleeve tee with broderie panels and back zip detail.
100% Polyester.
Topshop broderie panel teeMachine Washable.

Topshop broderie panel tee

Courgette and Feta Fritters

Courgette and feta fritter

Courgette and feta fritters with cottage cheese and salad

Courgette and Feta Fritters
Makes about 24 fritters

These fritters are yummy and can be eaten as a starter, with a salad, in a burger bun or just by themselves really. I got the idea from Nigella. They’re really easy to make and you don’t have to deep-fry them. They are fairly light, but you could bulk them up with potato if you wanted something more dense. With the addition of the herbs, they make a perfect summer dish. I had some leftover green beans so added those to the mixture as well.

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May We Be Forgiven

May-We-Be-ForgivenMay We Be Forgiven
A.M. Homes

This novel takes a hilarious look at the modern day American family and the bones of life that are thrown at it on its tumultuous journey: mental health, care of the elderly, academia, internet dating, stalkers and even terrorists, to name a handful.

Harry, older brother to the brash, arrogant and more successful George, narrates the story in the first person. During a Thanksgiving dinner, he casts a cynical eye around the room at the family around him: his Chinese-American wife Claire, his brother’s children Nathaniel (Nate) and Ashley who are glued to their electronic devices, George who shows off more loudly than ever and George’s wife, Jane, who seems overworked and put upon. Then everything changes when Jane kisses Harry in the kitchen and soon his life is catapulted into a series of tragic events.
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