The city that never sleeps

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall

After three nights in Amsterdam, we arrived in Berlin, the city that never sleeps – literally! In the UK, the majority of bars and clubs are closed after 3am, however, in Berlin this would be regarded as completely strange. The clubs we visited opened on Friday evening and remained open until Monday morning. Fantastic!

Clubs visited:

  1. Suicide Circus – an open air club directly next to the Warschauer Str. Station. Entry €10.
  2. Felix – a club on the slightly more fancy side of Berlin with very expensive drinks. Located near the Brandenburger Tor (gate). Entry €12.
  3. River by East Side Gallery

    River by East Side Gallery

    Chalet – similar to Suicide Circus. A club located in an old house with a mystical garden out back. Entry €10.

As well as the above clubs, we also went to some famous sites in Berlin.  The East Side Gallery is a must and so are the Reichstag and Brandenburger Tor (gate).

Berlin is known for its notorious club door policies. I would recommend always going in pairs and don’t act drunk or speak loudly in the queue. This way you are more likely to get in.



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