The Danube

The penultimate stop on my three-week interrailing trip was Budapest. And this was by far my favourite city. The buildings, weather, people and nightlife made it such a wonderful and memorable place.

We stayed at the Hostel Budapest Center, which was in a fantastic location, close to bars, restaurants and banks, etc. It was cheap, had free wifi and really friendly staff. It even offered a free postal service, so you could hand in all your postcards for the hostel to post. Great value place.

The nightlife was great. Here are a few of the places we visited:

Budapest Bath Party - ‘Sparty’

Budapest Bath Party – ‘Sparty’

Budapest Bath Party – ‘Sparty’
We pre-booked our tickets for this club before we left the UK. Price was approx €25 and we visited on a Saturday. It was very busy and good fun. Definitely a different experience and well worth the money. Drinks were expensive, however.
Tip: Beware the x-rated scenes. Not for the faint-hearted!

Szimpla Kert
A ruin bar, probably the most well-known. We went here twice as we loved it so much. A great place to meet people. Everyone is friendly. Drinks are reasonably priced.
Tip: Get there early if you want a table. During the day they have a market which is supposed to be good.

A ruin bar/club which is also a hostel. We went here on our last night and it was our best night. Lots of young people, loud music, different dance floors. We didn’t leave until 5am as we loved it so much.

Other recommendations:

Sights: Visit the baths during the day. It’s fairly expensive, so I’d recommend you go early to make the most of it. There’s a nice café there.

Food: Try the traditional goulash. It’s good and cheap. The café next to our hostel served great value food, including traditional goulash, pizza and pasta.


Hostel Budapest Center
Semmelweis 2‬ | ‪Mezzanine‬, Budapest ‪1052‬

Elvis Park, Budapest 1023

Szimpla Kert
Kazinczy utca 14, Budapest 1075

VI., Nagymezo u. 38, Budapest 1065


2 thoughts on “Budapest

  1. I’ve heard that Budapest is supposed to be a cheap place, at least from the point of view of a Briton. Would you say you agree? Although you’ve already said the drinks are expensive.

    • Compared to Britain it’s a lot cheaper: beer around 500HUF (£1.30). However, in some places a double of eg vodka was expensive but overall it is relatively cheap. If you go to a tourist attraction, the drink is always going to be more expensive.

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