Croatia – my final destination

Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia

Split, in Croatia was the last stop on my InterRail trip around Europe with my friends. Although we had an amazing time in Split, the journey there was far from relaxing. Be warned – if you are between Zagreb and Split by train, there is no security on the night trains and criminals come on board. In the middle of the night, my friend woke up to find two big men trying to crawl into our six-people cabin. Luckily she had her foot on the door, so they couldn’t get in. Also, as there was no security, there was no one we could go and report the thieves to. We found out the following morning that some boys in the cabin next to ours had been robbed of phones and money.

Apart from that potentially distressing incident, we had a great time in Split. The weather was perfect and being on the coast was a great way to end the holiday. I would definitely recommend taking the two-hour ferry to Hvar, an island next to Split. It’s the perfect place to spend a day, with its beautiful beaches and fun bars.

Ice-cream in Split Croatia

Ice-cream with chocolate sauce in Split Croatia

Also, we had some delicious ice cream parlour in Split with loads of flavours to choose from. Banana split and Nutella were both amazing and you can dip your ice-cream in a yummy chocolate sauce for free, if you want to pile on loads more calories.

For me personally, four days in Split was enough. However, if you love to spend your holidays lounging on a beach, you could easily spend a week or two here.

Tip: If travelling on a night train in Croatia, always be cautious as thieves operate on them and there are no guards to protect you.



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