Before I Go to Sleep – film review

Before I Go to SleepBefore I Go to Sleep
Dir: Rowan Joffé

This thriller wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be, which is a good lesson to all those people who read critics’ reviews before deciding whether they will go and see a film.

I’d noticed that most newspapers were giving this a far from glowing review and had decided to give it a miss myself. However, Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode on Radio 5 convinced me otherwise. They didn’t mind the film; in fact Mayo quite like it. I was also inspired to watch it when I heard Nicole Kidman’s candid interview with Mayo, in which she was both gracious and honest about her bad movie choices, notably the disastrous Grace of Monaco. She didn’t wriggle out of the discussion nor make excuses. In fact, she stood by her decision to continue to make films that tested her and accepted that sometimes those choices won’t always be the right ones. Good for her, I thought.

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